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"He dug in his hooves and huffed through his nose.  He would NOT run away - it was courage he chose!"

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"When storms in your life start to scare you to pieces, run right straight through as your courage increases."

Bryson the Brave Bison

Finding the Courage to Face the Storm

In this world of challenges, we all need a hero … and here comes Bryson the Brave Bison! In the face of a big storm, Bryson shows his crew and the entire herd, that you can get through anything with a little bravery and self-confidence.

Face the Storm

Join Bryson the Brave Bison as he shows us how to find the bravery, trust, and leadership we need to face the challenges of life and overcome our fears.

Bryson the Brave Bison

  • Teaches kids that courage is a choice and it's in all of us

  • Encourages leadership and being an example - even when others are scared

  • Highlights positive character traits such as bravery, courage, and trust

  • Is written in a fun and humorous rhyme - perfect for reading aloud

  • Features beautiful hand drawn illustrations by world renowned NY Times bestselling artist Richard Cowdrey

  • Is an ideal gift for any time of year 

We ALL face challenges in life. In order to overcome those challenges we must choose to have courage and face them head on.  

This original rhyming story tells the story of how one brave bison led his herd to face a challenge and overcome it. Bryson the Brave Bison will help your children embrace their inner Bryson and face the inevitable challenges in life head on. 

Embrace Your Inner Bryson

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